Rachel is a co-author of Raw Beet (Blues Agency, 2015). The book features simple gluten free, vegan, raw and low glycemic index (GI) recipes that use accessible ingredients. It aims is to empower people to eat better and conquer common allergies such as gluten intolerance.

“We have been particularly lucky to work closely with Rachel Martino, a registered nutritional therapist and raw food chef,” write her colleagues in the introduction. “She inspired us to write this book, and she represents a prominent food movement that is transforming our approach to cookery and eating. Rachel has contributed an abundance of recipes to the book, collaborating with and advising us closely throughout the writing process.”

Rachel’s recipes include beetroot ravioli with pesto; sumac and avocado dressing; and green tea ice cream, and showcase the diversity, ease and pleasure of whole food cooking.

“It was an honour to collaborate with the talented chefs at Blues on a book that embodies the truth: ‘When you change your food, you change your life,'” said Rachel.

Proceeds from the book go to Blues In Schools, a charity that teaches food and cookery skills to troubled young people.