Work With Me

What we eat profoundly affects our quality of life and performance. These are some of the ways Rachel helps people and organisations put this knowledge into action to achieve greater wellbeing.

Public Speaking

Change begins with awareness. Rachel’s informative, engaging talks are educate corporate, academic or private groups on science-based, actionable nutrition and wellness principles.  Programmes range from keynote speeches to less formal presentations, tailored to the audience.

Rachel speaks at conferences, academic gatherings, corporate functions, multi-disciplinary events and in bespoke settings.

Change Management Consulting & Collaboration

Small changes can make the biggest impact. Rachel works with organisations to develop and implement wellness programmes based on scientific, functional principles. Whether working as a solo consultant, or in collaboration with fellow experts, Rachel offers concrete proposals and education strategies to create tangible change.


Tailored coaching is the ideal option for individuals and small groups that are ready for intensive practical guidance on how to achieve optimum vitality and performance through nutrition and lifestyle change. Rachel, who holds an MBA in operations management, also offers coaching on business and general management skills.

Nutritional Therapy Clinic

One-to-one sessions for people who want to take control of their wellbeing by identifying optimum nutrition for their unique body and life. Consultations are based on Functional Medicine principles and take into account an individual’s history, lifestyle, diet, concerns and health goals. Through education and practice, clients are empowered to make the best choices for their circumstances and preferences.

On occasion, supplemental diagnostics or testing may be suggested to support wellness goals.


Rachel offers practical, action-orientated education to groups and individuals in a variety of formats. These include:


Interactive, engaging nutrition and wellbeing workshops for groups of 10-20. Workshops are tailored to the audience (researchers, students, business leaders, etc.) and can be stand-alone or part of a series.

Kitchen Sessions

Private, in-home tuition that teaches clients how to integrate good nutrition into daily life. These bespoke sessions are designed to align with the client’s needs and interests, and range from two hours to full day.

Bespoke Projects

Rachel is available for individual or collaborative work on bespoke nutrition projects and interventions. Please contact Rachel to discuss ideas and opportunities.